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Sunday, June 7, 2020 | Today's Paper

Plight of Kashmiri Muslims inside and outside the state under president’s rule

By dr syed nazir gilani

May 29, 2020 – 12:49 am

Muslims of Indian occupied Kashmir, Valley in particular, would complete 293 days under an unlawful lockdown imposed on them from 05 August 2019, which continues till to date 24 May 2020. Maharaja of Kashmir imposed a curfew in 1931 and it lasted for 11 days only. Kashmiri Muslims engaged in a popular uprising were declared as ‘turbulent’ people by the Maharaja’s administration. Ultimately the ruler had to pack, lock, stock and barrel and leave the State.

Coronavirus asks questions of renewables as well as oil

By faisal faeq

May 28, 2020 – 1:00 am

Renewable energy projects and investments used to be very elastic to oil prices movement. However that is no longer the case. In fact, even when oil prices tumble, demand for renewable energy only keeps growing. For instance, before the coronavirus pandemic, energy from solar power became very competitive even when oil prices were in the doldrums.

What is Pakistan aviation’s sop on avian hazard management?

By shahzeb Khan

May 28, 2020 – 12:28 am

AS we debate the causes of PK 8303’s tragic fate, we must bear in mind that engine failure can also happen if something collides with the engines of a jet airplane. Jet engines, which face forward and suck in air with tremendous force to provide power and thrust, become extremely vulnerable if any object is ingested.

Matters of the moment!

By wajid shamsul hasan

May 28, 2020 – 12:23 am

Thank God, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Choudhry has had his way with the controversial Ruet-I- Hilal muftis and maulvis. He got the proverbial Seven Blind Men at last see the Moon to bury for once the usual controversy over the sighting of the Eid Moon. It made us all proud to celebrate Eid on same day in unison with the Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia. While this being a moment for additional celebration, the Black Friday PIA Airbus Crash took away the fun causing every one excruciating pain and anguish over those killed in the air tragedy.

In absence of law, home based workers face exploitation

By Nadeem Khan

May 23, 2020 – 11:52 pm

As usual, she keeps colored pieces of suits tight in her lap, tries to focus through her gaze while sitting in the corner of a semi lighten room, and keeps colored threads in her needle to draw art pieces on these suits with her embroidery skills that is a cultural history now and tradition for her. These artistic pieces are slightly different than the wrinkles on her forehead because she is facing hardship while counting the tinny threads on suits to show a better and clear embroidery pieces, as a world class artist somewhere in the world. Zarina Baloch lives in the outskirts of Saryab Road Quetta and she has been an embroidery worker for the last five years.