QUETTA: Provincial Ministers Zahoor Buledi, Shoaib Nosherwani, and Government Spokesperson Shahid Rind have stated that the Balochistan government is going to present a surplus and people-friendly budget of more than 850 billion rupees on June 22nd. In the budget, 25% has been allocated for education and 10% for health. In the federal PSDP, an allocation of 58 billion rupees has been made for Balochistan this time. A 25% increase in salaries has been proposed for employees up to grade 16, while those above grade 17 will see a 20% increase.

Roche Pakistan’s initiative for cost-sharing medicines represents a significant milestone in the journey towards equitable healthcare access in Pakistan. By partnering with stakeholders and leveraging its expertise, Roche is playing a vital role in improving the lives of patients in need. As we move forward, let us continue to support initiatives that prioritize the well-being of individuals and ensure that healthcare remains a fundamental right for all.

The government’s decision to reduce petrol and diesel prices is a much-needed relief for the public. This move reflects a proactive approach to address the challenges posed by fluctuating global oil prices and demonstrates a commitment to promoting affordability and accessibility for essential commodities. As we move forward, it is imperative for the government to continue monitoring the oil market dynamics and adopt measures that benefit the economy and the citizens at large.

The proposed surplus budget for Balochistan’s Fiscal Year 2024-25 signifies a new chapter in the province’s development journey. With a strong focus on education, healthcare, security, infrastructure, and sustainable initiatives, the budget lays the groundwork for inclusive growth and progress.

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