QUETTA: Many areas of rain affected districts of Balochistan were still cut off with Provincial capital Quetta and district headquarters as link roads were washed away in the flash floods caused by heavy rains and thunderstorms, and large numbers of houses were damaged in southern and northern Balochistan.

As the celebratory fervor of Eid ul Fitr dwindles, the political backdrop finds itself affected by two significant developments demanding attention and analysis. On one front, the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel have reached a critical juncture, raising concerns about the potential ramifications for regional stability. Simultaneously, closer to home, the emergence of a united opposition alliance in Pakistan heralds a renewed phase of political activism, with implications for the nation’s democratic trajectory.

Looking beyond this immediate crisis, there are positive developments that offer a glimmer of hope. The potential Saudi investment of $1 billion in the Reko Diq Copper Gold project in Chagai district is a welcome sign.

Mounting tension in the Middle East has been posing a great threat to the regional peace and security and global peace and stability as well. Connection of nuclear capability having countries including warring Iran and Israel; alliance made on the basis of skirmish along with deep rooted conflicts have made the situation highly volatile and hot blooded.


Mirza Ghalib
Mirza Ghalib