ZIARAT: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti on Friday said that comprehensive policy would be formulated for the promotion of tourism in the province especially in Ziarat to provide employment opportunities to the locals.

In a country where over half of the population still lacks access to the internet, and where women face significant barriers in digital inclusion, the United Nations Development Program UNDP report reveals a concerning trend of technology dividing rather than uniting the general public.

The upcoming budget is a crucial opportunity for the new government to demonstrate its commitment to the people of Balochistan. By prioritizing development, managing non developmental needs effectively, and exploring new revenue avenues, the government can lay the foundation for a brighter future for the province. The success of this budget will depend on the government’s ability to strike a balance between competing needs, engage with the public, and ensure transparency in its financial dealings.

The evolving dynamics of the Reko Diq project , including the recent decision to sell shares to Saudi Arabia, mark a significant juncture in the country’s economic landscape.