Book review: Man’s search for meaning
Book review: Man’s search for meaning
Gulrukh Dr. Meeran

The book “Man’s Search For Meaning” is written by an Austrian author, Viktor Frankl. He was born on 26th of March, 1905, and died on 2nd September, 1997. This book was published in 1946. It is written about the experiences of the author as a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp where his condition was very bad and faced a lot of difficulties with the other prisoners.

As the writer says, the search for meaning is essential because by searching for the purpose of our life, we can find various aspects of life, for example, work, relationships, and a person’s value. In my opinion, we can be motivated and able to be independent through doing something or experiencing something.

It is important to search for meaning. It means to have a sense of purpose or meaning that gives us a reason to keep going – even during very tough times. If we understand what matters to us and what our values are, we can set goals and do whatever we want in life.

The author stresses that we have to find meaning in suffering because it can provide opportunities for our personal growth and develop strength. We can learn how we should be compassionate about ourselves and others.

In another point, he mentions that by struggling, we can learn valuable lessons and become more resilient individuals. We can be able to help others, gain perspective, etc. He emphasizes that life holds potential meaning under any conditions.

At one point, the author targets aiming for success and adds that we should wait until our time comes to succeed. But I quite disagree here because it is important to set goals, as success can be different for everyone. It makes us happy, and it can leave positive impacts on us even long before we achieve it. The journey to success is itself a huge lesson.

Finally, I recommend this book to all of you to give it a read because this book will teach you a lot of things like how to search for the purpose of your life, etc. If you are somewhere around searching for the meaning of your life, have a quick read and taste the journey of your goal.