“Awakening political consciousness: Empowering Pakistan’s youth”
“Awakening political consciousness: Empowering Pakistan’s youth”
Muhammad Amin

Looking at the critical juncture Pakistan is passing through in the past, it can be said that now the educated youth should step forward to solve the current problems to the best of their abilities. Sixty percent of Pakistan’s population consists of youth, including those who have political awareness, but unfortunately, no political party has utilized their skills and abilities. Look at the nations of the world; youth are trusted in the sector. Considering their abilities, they are provided opportunities in various institutions. They are seen in the political arena and are running the administrative institutions based on their leadership skills, while the political situation of Pakistan is thoroughly different. The trend of bringing new youths to the fore, be it assembly seats or ministerial posts, is not seen in any political party.

Pakistani politics seems to be a victim of nepotism; the acquisition of official positions has also become a victim of nepotism. Politics is far away; even for a normal job, they have to sift through the dust with degrees in their hands. In such a case, they will be worried about their future. In Pakistan, the young generation has been robbed of their dreams by being trapped in the happy slogans of bread, cloth, and marka. The entanglements of living systems are so magnified that their minds are out of creativity and are becoming empty. People living in high-rise neighborhoods are not aware of the agony of queuing up and buying. This is the reason young people are getting disillusioned with politics; they aren’t concerned with changing traditional governments. In this desperate situation, three types of behavior are often seen: either the common man takes the law into his hands, becomes practically indifferent to politics, or leaves the country.

According to the data from the Bureau of Immigration, there has been a surprising increase in the number of people leaving the country for a better future. In the past two years, millions of educated young people have gone abroad. Political leaders need to pay special attention to the plight of the youth today and provide opportunities for them in educational, political, and social fields. According to a survey, the majority of young people say that political leaders do not understand their problems and priorities. Since the creation of Pakistan until today, they have been kept ignorant of the political and economic ups and downs. In such a situation, they need to awaken their political consciousness and understand their importance. They are intelligent and young.

We are aware that political management should be strong for the social and economic development of any country. But instead of listening to comments, they have to step into the practical field. Nelson Mandela had said that badmouthing a Muslim will not change oppression, but becoming part of the system can change it, so with every passing day and every passing moment, the youth must be aware of the changes in politics and the impact it has on the country. There should be an understanding of the implications, along with the reasons for the deterioration of the economic and political system in the country, there should also be knowledge of the change of policies and previous policies. Nine youths actively participated in the 2024 election. According to the Election Commission, the number of young voters between 18 and 35 years increased by more than 90 lakh. Now, if the elected government is serious about the new youth, then it will definitely try to improve their skills by providing them opportunities and they will be able to show their performance to the youth.