Election or Revolution
Election or Revolution
Fareedullah Khan

The term “revolution” creates an outline in the human mind, a concept of change, especially in the system of anything. If you Google it, you will find that revolution means change. However, often in our minds, alongside revolution, the idea of violation emerges, that revolution can only come through bloodshed. Is it possible for a revolution to occur without any bloodshed? It is also a fact that a revolution requires persistent struggle until the end. I remember a quote: “Everything is fair in love,” and a revolution is fought for a beloved. It involves resisting and demanding a change in government policies or systems. But the opportunity for this change comes once every five years when we have the chance to change the government, and the government can change the system, and the system can change the difficult lives of people.


Now, if someone talks about a revolution in a democratic country like Pakistan, it might seem strange. Hence, political parties use the definition of revolution in political slogans. But a revolution is necessary; in a system where the treatment of rulers and the public is not possible in a hospital. A revolution is necessary where corruption, favoritism, and bribery are impossible. A revolution is necessary where the voice of the people reaches the rulers, especially on the day of elections, reaching every office, district, and province. A revolution is necessary where doubts about the transparency of elections are dispelled. A revolution is necessary where there are explosions and firings in election rallies and campaigns. However, the difference between the revolutions of today and the past is that the previous revolutions were complete with the removal of one king, but today’s revolution is challenging because every office, every district, every province has a thousand kings.


However, a revolution is necessary for a system where there is not only law but also the supremacy of the law. A law that gives you the complete right to speak, the right to religious freedom, the right to live with dignity, and a law where your thoughts are not restricted. A law that allows you to question every ruler. So, a revolution is necessary. But the beautiful thing is that here, a revolution is possible without shedding blood, where thoughtful and wise individuals can participate. Choice and elections are the revolution where you have the opportunity to choose a ruler who is capable, honest, and deserving of your vote. And the greatest thing is to be brave. However, our revolution has often been unsuccessful because we prioritize personal interests over theoretical considerations. It is possible that we can turn elections into a revolution and create a system where the supremacy of the law is present, and questions can be asked to every political party that rules over you, based on their previous manifesto.


Revolution does not mean how others can be defeated, but it means building oneself. A revolution is necessary because it will bring awareness. However, here, the choice is often influenced by personal preferences. A revolution is necessary, and you are revolutionary. Break every thought that forces you into religious or political dogmatism. Because humanity comes before religion and nationality. This time, pledge to make the revolution for the sake of humanity. On February 8th, every man should also give the right to become revolutionary to his woman. Because a revolution is not possible with men alone. The first revolution is to break the slavery of thought. Long live Pakistan.