President BTA announced sit-in protest on June 12
President BTA announced sit-in protest on June 12
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QUETTA: Muhammad Naeem Khilji, the President of the Balochistan Tandoor Association, has announced a sit-in to be held on June 12 at Manan Chowk against crackdowns, arrests, and the sealing of tandoors by the administration, including the deputy commissioner and magistrates.

In a statement issued here on Monday, he said all stakeholders of the Tandoor Association will participate in this sit-in. He stated that for some time now, the deputy commissioner, various magistrates, and other administrative officers have been taking actions against tandoors without any justification. We have always cooperated with the administration, and our demand is that considering the increasing inflation, rise in flour prices, utility bills, and labor costs, a committee should be formed to analyze and determine the weight of bread and its price, on which all stakeholders agree, and issue its notification.

Additionally, raids are conducted on tandoors every day; they are fined and arrested without justification.

“We condemn this and will continue our peaceful protest. After the sit-in, we will also protest in front of the DC office, holding the deputy commissioner of Quetta and other administration officials accountable for the situation.” He said.