PM calls May 9 ‘conspiracy’ against Pakistan, Army Chief
PM calls May 9 ‘conspiracy’ against Pakistan, Army Chief
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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Thursday said that the May 9 tragedy was a rebellion against Pakistan, the state and the Army Chief.

Speaking at a special meeting of the Federal Cabinet, Prime Minister stated: “May 9 was a dark day in the history of Pakistan. There were terrible attacks on the symbolic institutions of Pakistan’s defense. The entire nation saw the heartbreaking scenes of the May 9 incident”.

He added that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government was trying to save Pakistan from default, maybe these attacks would not have happened if a puppet government had not been removed.

If the PDM government had not taken notice of the corruption, maybe the May 9 attacks would not have happened. The deterioration of foreign relations with foreign countries was brought to an extreme, continued to premier.

Shehbaz Sharif further said that May 9 was a day that separated two mindsets. There was a rebellion against Pakistan and state institutions. Foul language was used against its heroes and martyrs. Any constitutional country should not commit such serious crimes. We will remember our martyrs till the Day of Judgement.

He continued to say that the entire planning was done on May 9, the groups were told how to attack, a systematic program of rebellion was made, which they deny till date. It is a matter of distorting the facts through lies. Truth is truth and lies are lies, there is no example of bad language or abusive speech in the struggle of the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam.

The Prime Minister further stated that many leaders faced difficulties, some raised slogans of long live Pakistan and some said that speaking even a word against Pakistan is unthinkable.

He said that all the faces have come in front of the public, these are the same people who talked about 35 punctures, when the secret was revealed, they had no place to hide their faces. These are the same people who put various tricks on the cypher and called it an American conspiracy. Pakistan’s relations with other countries suffered a blow, today we are making collective efforts to mend the relations.

Sharif also added that the enemy tried to confuse Pakistan more than once. Today, anti-national propaganda is being done on social media, and institutions of Pakistan are being insulted through foreign funding. Poisonous propaganda is being done against Pakistan, letters were written to cut the economic aorta of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that May 9 was a sinister plan for the kingdom and dictatorship of a single person. Due to the prayers of millions of people of Pakistan, this plan could not succeed but was buried. 5the nation asks the burning question that despite the passage of a year, the criminals of May 9 could not be punished.

He stated that the evil plan of May 9 was a rebellion against Pakistan, the state, the Pakistan Army and the army chief. By the grace of Allah, this revolt died down. Holy Quran says do not call the martyrs dead, they are alive. Our beloveds were martyred.

Shehbaz Sharif said: “I am grateful to the Supreme Court, there are our pending cases of 2700 billion rupees in different courts. Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa himself spoke to me, and said that your institutions should come with preparation, your cases will be decided soon.

The Prime Minister further added that you all foiled the May 9 conspiracy, enemies in the guise of friends are trying to derail the country of Pakistan, and enemies in the guise of friends will fail. We are united for economic improvement. I believe everyone will try to shore up Pakistan’s boat.