BA members demanded compensatation for affected growers
BA members demanded compensatation for affected growers
Muhammad zafar

QUETTA: The members of the Balochistan assembly have demanded from federal and provincial governments to compensate the growers and other people who had suffered huge financial losses in the Recent and 2022 heavy rains and flashfloods in the province as they have lost their standing crops, houses while human losses also took place in different districts.

The JUI-F members of the assembly Asghar Ali Tareen drew the attention of the assembly towards the matter during the session which was held here on Tuesday with the Speaker Abdul Khaliq Achakzai in the chair. The session as usual started 50 minutes late of its scheduled time.
Mr. Tareen on his call of attention notice said that in the recent heavy rains with thunderstorms, snowfall and hailstones caused heavy losses of crops, fruit orchards, propriety and infrastructure in Pishin, Chaman, Qila Abdullah and other northern districts of Balochistan.
He said that flash floods swept away hundreds of mud houses while people who were affiliated with agriculture sectors had been deprived of their standing wheat crop and fruit orchards especially in Pishin, Chaman, Qila Abdullah and many other areas. “With huge financial losses the people belonging to the agriculture sector have financially suffered a lot as they were left with no resources to arrange their livelihood,” Asghar Tareen told the house and added that hundreds of families have left no other option but to live under the open sky or stents.
He demanded the government to conduct a survey and estimate the losses of the people and provide them compensation. He also asked the government to provide details to the house about financial help and what steps so far have been taken for the rehabilitation of the flood and rain stricken people by the concerned authorities.
The Minister for Revenue Mir Asim Kurd while taking the floor said that the vast area of Balochistan suffered huge losses in terms of crops, fruit orchards, house collapsing and human loss. Destroying of road structure, bridges, dams and buildings also caused billions of rupees of losses to the province.
Mr. Kurd informed the house that the federal government had released Rs. 16 billion for the financial help and rehabilitation of the flood stricken people. He said that the present government will provide all help and financial assistance to the rain and flood affectees in the province.
Opposition leader Mir Younis Aziz Zehri drew the attention towards the protesting zamindars (landlords) and growers who were sitting in front of Balochistan for the last fours and said that the government should resolve their issues of providing uninterrupted power supply.
“Until the tube wells were shifted to the solar energy system, the Quetta Electricity Supply Company (Qesco) should provide 8 hours of electricity to the zamindars to save their standing crops.” Younis Zehri demanded.
The Minister for Agriculture, Mir Ali Madad Jattak said on the occasion that the Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti has assured that agriculture tube-well would be shifted on solar energy systems soon and both federal and provincial governments would provide funds for it.
Mr. Jattak in the absence of the Finance Minister has tabled the report of the National Finance Commission audit reports of four departments which were handed over to the Public Accounts Committee of the Balochistan Assembly.
The Haq Do Tehreek MPA, Maulana Hidayat-Ur- Rehman on a point of order criticized the MPAs for coming late in the house delaying the assembly session. “They come late but draw their full salary,” he said that the speaker should take notice of it.