Empowering Women: Breaking barriers and embracing equality
Empowering Women: Breaking barriers and embracing equality
Muhammad Amin

Times change, and it is wise to keep up with the times. With us, the number of such women is slowly increasing who did not get married due to circumstances or different existence or got married but after a few years due to differences, among independent women, including those who have a happy married life but need semi-autonomy with permission and support from their husbands.

A good life is when a woman is not forced to depend on but both help each other to move forward and keep each other happy. It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. It is. This is old. It is our experience that behind a successful woman is a man. As if success is for both and is possible only with the cooperation of each other. It seems easy for men to be independent, but it is not.

Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Farooq, an English professor, and author used to say that a heavy stone has been put around my neck which I have been carrying all my life. This is about many men around us, but they do not have the strength to admit it. We have taken the first step towards the independence of women.
The next step is to educate women. In my previous generation, no one except women had ever seen a school or college in Akkad. In my contemporary generation, girls started going to school, but their education was separate from that of boys. Entry was considered sufficient.
If someone studied medicine, then he studied it, otherwise engineering, law, academics, and sex were prohibited. Yes, today’s generation has the privilege of having girls in every field of higher education, it is more or less different.
The middle class has reached here, but if women work, who will take care of the house and take care of the children? The interesting thing is that our friends who took the citizenship of the western countries forty or fifty years ago are also thinking about this. Under compulsion, even in the homeland, women become school teachers. But if they take up a profession, men are scared to see the progress towards independence.
Western society also has a similar mentality, it is just one step more difficult for women to be independent. It is. Our society is a male-dominated society, for which the term patriarchy, patriarchy, or patriarchy is used. But men rule. Most of our laws and all of our traditions support men most and all of us.
And when our religion starts to describe the rights of women, traditions usurp it. Daughters are pampered by the father, but this pampering is limited to small requests. In serious matters, they easily surrender to traditions or what people would say sit like foam in front of their daughters. Al-Brunei wrote a book Al-Hind during the reign of Mahmud Ghaznavi. It stuck in my mind while reading it when he described his observation with great surprise that men in India consult their women on unimportant matters. There is a difference. Both the husband and wife work in their respective fields, but when the wife advances in her career and her income exceeds that of the husband, inefficiency begins, and the husband is at risk.
The same can be said for married women. Our main subject is women living without men. Those who are not married or separated and have one or two children with them. It pulls the car of life alone. Are you also a victim of banana pride? When you do something alone, you are proud that no one supported you, but you did it and went far alone.
And met successfully. The same is the case with single women; I call them independent women. Those who are not afraid of loneliness, nor does loneliness call them. She has a good time with herself. They have the opportunity to enhance their skills, ascend overcome challenges in their work. She reads books on her favorite subjects. Active on social media. And they start going to lessons.
Their knowledge continues to increase and they also meet like-minded people. They don’t take up these hobbies because they want to get rid of loneliness, but they get energy from them. Which brings joy to their lonely evenings. Independent women take care of their health. Be it diet, exercise, sunlight, and fresh air.
A healthy body ensures mental health. They are national because they have many responsibilities. Bringing up children with office or business, serving parents, taking care of neighbors and community and all this is a source of satisfaction for them. All self-made women have one thing in common. That is, they stay away from negative thinkers. Neither do they like complaining people, nor do they like to be surrounded by many people. Their circle is selected. Not everyone and Knox has access to it.
They find it very unpleasant when someone shows pity or sympathy for them, but they have no place for such people. Yes, one thing is significant. Protect yourself. Be it a society with Eastern traditions or Western enlightenment. Seeing a single woman brings thoughts to everyone’s mind. Avoids them. A woman’s biggest barrier is her confidence. Through many stages, they pass safely only on the seed of trust. But the ugliness of life rears its head in various ways, so she has to put on several other safety nets.
There is no need for women to live alone, when a like-minded person joins the marriage, there is no obstacle in adopting a bond of equality.