Dams located in vicinity of Quetta safe, no danger from recent rains
Dams located in vicinity of Quetta safe, no danger from recent rains
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QUETTA: All dams located in the vicinity of Quetta city are safe and there is no danger of flooding from recent rains, currently, 10,000 acre feet of water have been stored in the dams.

Citizens should avoid going into the water in view of any danger, the Irrigation Department is constantly monitoring the dams.

Irrigation officer said the dams located in the outskirts of Quetta city have the capacity to store 25 thousand acre feet of water, at present, more than 10,000 acre feet of water have been stored.

Official said that some people were busy trying to create panic among people by sharing pictures of flood water after rains in August 2022, saying that citizens must not listen fake news, none of the dams were in danger.

He said that a rumor was spread last night that Karkhsa Dam was full of water and may break anytime after which Commissioner Quetta Division Hamza Shfaqaat, Deputy Commissioner Sad Bin Asad and Irrigation officials visited Karkhsa Dam.

He said that they were told that the dam has a capacity to store 850,000 feet of water while up to 300 acre feet of water has been stored in the dam so far, water could be stored up to 55 feet in the dam, currently, the water has been stored up to 20 feet.

Official said that the Wali Tangi Dam has a capacity of 380 acre feet which was fully filled, Spinkariz Dam has a storage capacity of 2500 acre feet of which 1200 acre feet has been stored.

Some dams have a storage capacity of 650 acre feet of water which is fully filled, after which the water is going to Sara Ghargai Dam through the spillway, in which 250 feet of water has been collected, while the dams in Aghbarg have a capacity of 2,200 acre feet of water storage, he said.

He said that out of which one dam has been completely filled, while one dam has collected 1000 feet acre while the other has stored 800 feet acre of water.

Irrigation authority said that the depth of water in the dams was high and the citizens were requested to avoid going through the water in the dams to save any loss of life.

According to the Irrigation official, due to the recent rains, the large-scale water storage in the dams would raise the groundwater level, while in case of more rains, more water could be stored in the dams.

He said that the flood water coming through Sarphol Hanna drainage scheme was diverted to Hanna Lake at one o’clock last night, till four o’clock on Monday evening, the flood water was continuously entering the Hanna Lake, due to which the level of the Hanna Lake was also being rosined.-