Commissioner urges unity for betterment of Quetta
Commissioner urges unity for betterment of Quetta
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QUETTA: Commissioner Quetta Division Hamza Shafaqaat on Monday presided over a meeting regarding the beautification of Quetta city, disposal of garbage and getting rid of the long-standing traffic problems.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Commissioner Quetta Lt, (R) Saad Bin Asad, Administrator Quetta Metropolitan Corporation Abdul Jabbar Baloch and officers of other relevant departments.

Addressing the meeting, Hamza Shafaqaat said that all institutions and stakeholders would have to work together for the betterment of Quetta city.

He said Quetta to be practically made a beautiful and problem free city saying that the most important problem in the city was traffic, due to which people were suffering from mental anguish.

He said parking was a major issue as shopkeepers, bank employees and others park their vehicles and motorcycles on the roadsides which caused disruption in traffic flow and added that they should park at the designated areas.

The Commissioner said a parking plaza has been allocated for them on the Circular Road where apart from car parking, two floors would be allocated for motorcycles.

Such a plan will be prepared in consultation with the metropolitan as well as private institutions regarding cleaning of the garbage from the city and improving solid waste management, the city will be free of garbage dumps, he said.

He said that electricity, telephone and cable wires were visible at various places in the city and they would be repaired soon. Similarly, samplings would be planted on the intersections of important roads and wherever vacant spaces were available in the city.

Apart from this, we all will find more measures through mutual consultation and implement them to make Quetta a better, cleaner and ideal city, he said.