Education Minister Pledges Urgent Reforms in Balochistan
Education Minister Pledges Urgent Reforms in Balochistan
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QUETTA: Madad Ali Sindhi, the Federal Caretaker Minister for Education, announced on Wednesday that significant steps are being implemented to enhance the quality of education across the nation, with a particular focus on addressing educational issues on an urgent basis in Balochistan.

He expressed these sentiments while serving as the chief guest at a certificate distribution ceremony for students who successfully completed the Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Program. The event, organized by the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission, took place at the University of Balochistan in Quetta.

In the fourth batch of the Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Program, a total of 3,895 students hailing from various regions of Balochistan proudly graduated. Notably, 83 students from Quetta were among the distinguished recipients of certificates during the ceremony.

The event was graced by the presence of numerous disabled students from institutions like the Women Technical Training Center (WTTC) and the Technical Training Center Quetta (TTC).

Federal Caretaker Minister for Education, Madad Ali Sindhi, underscored the urgent need for concrete measures to address the prevailing educational challenges in Balochistan. He emphasized that without a substantial improvement in the quality of education, the path to development remains elusive.

Commending the technical institutions, he expressed his pride in the significant participation of women in the skill development program.

Minister Sindhi also acknowledged his awareness of the educational issues specific to Balochistan, highlighting the enhancement of government schools as a top priority. He further disclosed his efforts to tackle these issues after holding consultations with vice-chancellors from universities across the country and Balochistan.

The Federal Minister emphasized the importance of maintaining checks and balances within educational institutions to meet the knowledge targets. He asserted that technical education is pivotal for the progress of both the nation and the province in the current era.

Minister Sindhi raised a concern regarding the significant financial investments made in the education sector, despite students not receiving the expected facilities in their respective schools across the country. He urged the public to support leaders who take proactive measures to address the critical issues of education and other public concerns in their respective regions.

Caretaker Finance Minister of Balochistan, Amjad Rasheed, also spoke at the ceremony, underscoring the ongoing reforms in the field of technical education in Balochistan. He emphasized the potential for students to gain job opportunities not only within Pakistan but also abroad through technical education. Minister Rasheed lamented the issue of unemployment in Balochistan, primarily due to the scarcity of factories in the province. He revealed that the Balochistan caretaker government has devised a plan to create employment opportunities for technically educated students to fulfill the workforce requirements of foreign countries.

During the ceremony, Federal Minister of Education, Madad Ali Sindhi, and Provincial Minister Amjad Rasheed distributed certificates to the accomplished disabled students from WTTC and TTC Quetta.