Martyred journalists of Balochistan paid homage 
Martyred journalists of Balochistan paid homage 
Amjid Ali

QUETTA: The Journalists, representatives of the lawyers’ organizations, and members of the civil society in Balochistan have paid homage to the martyred journalists of the province. The journalists of Balochistan despite the unfavorable situations have rendered significant services.

Up till now, 41 journalists have been martyred in Balochistan. The intersection of Anscomb Road and Circular Road has been designated as Shuhda-e-Journalist Chowk.

Interim Provincial Minister for information, Balochistan, Jan Mohammad Achakzai, administrator of the metropolitan corporation Jabbar Baloch, the vice president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Saleem Shahid, President of the Quetta Press Club Abdul Khaliq Rind, and others spoke to a seminar held in Quetta Press Club on the occasion of martyred journalists’ day.

Talking on the occasion Interim provincial minister of information Jan Achakzai said “It is an honor that I have started my journalism career from here and today I am present here with my friends as interim provincial minister of information” adding that he is well aware that a journalist in Balochistan faces a lot of hardships while rendering his duty.

He said he was fully aware of the economic condition of the journalists and demanded the owners of the media industry give their wages on time. He said the total budget of Balochistan is 55 crore which is inadequate to do any developmental work.

He said Balochistan is a rich province with many resources but unfortunately, their resources have never been utilized properly.

He said the media only publishes and broadcasts the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan.

He said Balochistan Press Club has become an exemplary institution which is praiseworthy and added that the journalists in other provinces of the country have no accommodation issue whereas the journalists in Balochistan have no place for accommodation.

He said he would try his best to play his role in the development of Balochistan.

Administrator Jabbar Baloch said the sacrifices of the journalists are not hidden from anyone. The incidents of violence against journalists have rapidly increased.

The vice president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Saleem Shahid has said they have been observing this day every year.

He said people do not bear the truth which is why the culture of intolerance has been promoted. He said the journalists are facing multiple issues including financial hardships.

The president of Quetta Press Club Abdul Khaliq Rind said neither they have forgotten their martyred journalists nor they would forget them.

He said they have set up a trust for the families of martyred journalists which is an honor for Quetta Press Club.