Smoking: a common practice among Baloch youth
Smoking: a common practice among Baloch youth
Mahganj Hameed

Smoking  is a habit that drains  your money and demolish your existence which never makes you able enough to be responsible  instead of gaining power and being able that compel you to be far  from your  responsibilities. It takes you towards distraction that’s is a curse rapidly growing in Baloch especially in youth. However, as much as to smoke it creates several disease which are harmful and kills you mentally  and physically  slowly one after another.

Balochistan is the most illiterate province where unemployment is common and second side it is facing different kind of miseries

and smoking which is being the most momentous one .No word is to be said that neither measure are being taken to stop it nor thoughts to be expounded just due to  smoking the life of Baloch community  is being the purpose of their lives that why are they part of this stunning world.

In Balochistan,  thousands of people can be seen whose lives are being destroyed  day by day and sometimes they lost their precious lives . The main reason behind smoking is poverty . It is being a rash for the Baloch who are being deprived    by everything and not letting  them to get what they want . By not getting their rights they will be compel rather they they are compel to start smoking and be involved in evil activities.

At last it would be request to the government that try to provide all the possible action in order to take out Baloch from this alarming situation that they would be able to stand their own hand and hand to work on positive way.