Literary chat: Panah Baloch A man from fairy land

Published on – June 30, 2020 – 1:10 am

A few years ago, I wrote the story of a horseman, who enters a village on his magnificent horse, where you can see the sick people everywhere. The faces of all the People are yellow, and it is a village of the sick. Here in this village all the villagers are very disappointed because of the disease. In the morning the sudden arrival of a strange horseman surprises all these people. But the horseman gives them the good news that he has come to treat all of them.Now he calls all patients one by one in a separate room situated in the middle of the valley.

Amazingly at this time there is no mark of disease or yellow color on the face and body of every patient, who comes out from the room. Surprisingly now you can see a red color on the faces of the patients and the signs of life as well.Consequently, the happiness spreads in the whole village, and people start a dance on the music of the doll (drum) that finally the disease has gone from the village. Now the horseman also comes out of this room. Amazingly he has a bag in his hand, and he tells people that all these people had colors of despair and hatred, which I got and collected from them and in exchange I gave them the colors of love. Now I am taking the colors of despair and hatred from here in this sack. So the horseman leaves the valley like a man from fairy land.

The question arises, why I claimed in the title of my column that he is a man from fairy land. We can discuss the magical and outstanding literary work by Panah Baloch in detail, but first his brief introduction is most necessary. Afzal Murad, a dear friend of ours, says that Panah Baloch is like Hercules, who is always busy on the different campaigns against the big giants.

He does not want to waste his precious time sitting free. Like Hercules, he will sometimes fight with one giant and sometimes with another giant. Really, he is a busy man and has a great patience for work. According to Afzal Murad, normally you would see that he is engaged with his mysterious adventures, that’s why we call him a magical figure.

Because he has a keen interest in archeology and the ancient world and eras. So sometimes you will find him in one ruins and sometimes in other ruins of another city. Afzal Murad says, therefore, he keeps writing about old and lost cities and has published some books in this regard. Just living in the past, finding out its secrets, dusting off the unclear and shadowy pages of the past and bringing it to light, it is his aim.

Panah Baloch has given all these things a very new and fresh life. According to Afzal that’s why it is his great task that whenever he sees an old city anywhere, he must bring it to the attention of the world, because it is the point of view of Panah Baloch that our whole past should be clarified before the world. Now the question arises that what will be the benefit of it, in this regard Panah says when we will stand on the ground of our this very clear past and old time, we can move towards our future in a very clear and easy way, and under the same principle every nation moved to the great success and a beautiful future. Again This aspect of Panah’s personality was clarified by Hassan Nasir, a very beautiful Brahui fiction writer, and he confirmed Afzal Murad’s statement that Panah has the same status in literature to discover the old and ancient worlds, and its people like Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta did in their career.

I think the above-mentioned short introduction is not enough, so it is my view that it needs something more. Briefly I would say that he is an energetic young man. Although he is performing his services in a government department on the post of an officer, he is a true gentleman in the sense that he is a very kindhearted man.I always found him very sensitive about the good health and prosperous life of his near friends. No doubt he is the man of an attractive personality, But the most attraction, I found in his wonderful personality is his eyes, which are full of life, in which we actually find hope and love for life. That is why I mentioned in the beginning of the column a horse rider, who brings hope of life in a desolate village and it is his aim to give the hope and expectations to the people through his work in writing form.

In fact, Panah Baloch is the other name of hope and because of his kind, sympathetic and soft attitude, he seems to us as a man from fairy land. No doubt he is the man of an attractive personality, But the most attraction, I found in his wonderful personality is his eyes, which are full of life, in which we actually find hope and love for life.

Admittedly Panah Baloch has written a lot of books, but still he does not feel any tiredness from this hard and difficult job. When I enquired about his future plan, Panah told me that his two new projects are very interesting. In his one project he worked over the lives of those women from the province, who were the freedom fighters, remained ministers in the Shahi Court of Khan Qallat, poetess and many more. Secondly he got very special, fresh and new folk tales from the different and far long Baloch areas. And now in near future he will publish his two new books about these two projects.

It is the most distinctive, striking and outstanding credit of Mr Panah Baloch that he arranges an auspicious, successful and favourable national seminar of almost three days in the little cities of Balochistan each and every year. In other words it is a literary fair as well as book fair too.

You will find the writers and artists from all over Pakistan in it. You will enjoy music, drama, literary discussions and the great hospitality of this traditional and conventional real Baloch with his lovely and smiling face.This series of seminars, with the participation of people of all languages of the country, giving importance to small towns, the whole three days of Eid-like festivities, joys, smiling faces and invitations of different people of these areas for dinners. It is a great credit, which we see in very few people all over the world. Long live Panah and keep it up.

And here we also pray that Panah Baloch, who is optimistic, is sharing hopes in friends and literature like the horse rider mentioned at the beginning of the column, and he does not like a sick society. And also he has a lot of desires for a prosperous society and no doubt such kind of desires can come from a good-hearted person, especially one who has arrived from a fairy land. Be happy and successful at all times.