Coastal Development Authority to start 07 tourism projects

Published on – May 23, 2020 – 1:45 am

QUETTA: The Balochistan Coastal Development Authority (BCDA) with special support of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Aliyani has announced to start tourism development projects in 07 spots of Lasbela and Gawadar.

The BCDA officials on Friday have briefed the Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Aiyani in a meeting held to review progress on development schemes being commenced in provincial coastal belt.

“Resorts, Hotels, Jetties and Water Sports facilities would be provided to tourists in Jewani, Gawadar, Pasni, Oarmaro, Kund Malir, Damb and Gidani coastal areas hence BCDA has submitted PC1 of rupees 1075 million in P&D department.” Coastal Development Authorities’s official informed the Chief Minister.

Balochistan Government has announced to launch tree plantation campaign in provincial coastal areas in order to clinch the attention of national and international tourists.

The meeting was agreed to utilize Public Private Partnership in order to install wind and solar energy projects in tourists’ spots being established in provincial coastal areas deciding to advertise the energy projects after Eid ul Fitar.

“Restaurants facilities would be established for tourists in the coastal areas while Beach Park would be established with cost of 250 million rupees.” BCDA official added.

Chief Minister directed master planning for development projects in coastal areas added Capital Development Authority would be given ownership of land being procured for tourism development schemes.

“In order to yield Balochistan out from COVID-19 economic challenges, we must have develop our natural resources which would help us in appeasing COVID-19 impact.” Jam Kamal addressed the meeting added foreign traveling would be declined in a wake of Coronavirus pandemic till next year.

CM Balochistan further directed BCDA to sign equity based projects with national and international firms over land ownership in tourism development project.