Floods coverage in Balochistan

Published on – July 1, 2019 – 2:33 am

Balochistan is one of the areas of Pakistan in which journalist have very little training of doing journalism in situations of floods and other natural disasters.

Balochistan is one of the areas of Pakistan in which journalist have very little training of doing journalism in situations of floods and other natural disasters.
There almost 40 journalists who have been killed in Balochistan while performing their duties.
There is no fundamental reason if we see KPK and Balochistan and overall other provinces the behaviour which has been kept with journalists it is very evident that technocrats has been suppressing media, said Raza ur rehman press club Quetta president.
Journalist should be given training whenever someone is enrolled in an outlet anywhere. But before anything the journalist should keep himself safe while working on crime scenes which is the most essential thing according to me, said shahzada zulfiqar BOL news bureau chief.
Floods, as you know that water can reach anywhere so if we keep focused on our security while covering floods the journalist would not become news by him covering the news. The reporters already get information about the depth of waters, so they should not go to such areas where they can lose their life in water of floods. Raza ur rehman press club Quetta president.
Press club BUJ(Balochistan Union of journalists) FUJ (federal union of journalists) individual land PPF (Pakistan press foundation) inter-media and inter news. These all are media organistion which have been working I have also conducted trainings in khuzdar, Dera Bugti, Loralai and different areas of Balochistan, said Shahzada Zulfiqar BOL news bureau Chief.
OSR (Out station reporters in Balochistan 
No organisation have given fundamental training to the journalist i have been here in ziarat from last five years i have provided updates of floods but have never taken any training or seen any training been conducted for journalists. But NGOs do give us trainings and our organisation doesn’t take any interest in that if reporters asks for leave he is not given leave for the training, Ssaid Shakeel ahmad osr (out station reporter for Jang newspaper in Kech Balochistan) even the bureau Chief of districts do not allow us to go for trainings if he cooperates with us in training only then the organisation would allow us otherwise there is no chance of getting training for our safety while covering anything, Said Shakeel Ahmad OSR (out station reporter for Jang newspaper in Kech Balochistan) in 10 years i have never seen press club conducting any training of floods.
The organisation should also change their policies breaking news have ended now breaking news only has its name the organisation should conduct trainings on regular basis there are scorpios and different things in floods they should provide us awareness and give us complete information about the issue and should be more worries about journalist life rather then there cameras, Said Syed Rehmat Dunya news cameraman.
Responsible for journalist killed
Bureau Chief is also working with journalist so he, not the reason of journalist-getting, killed similarly the organisation is also not responsible I think the way we conduct things while doing journalism should be changed. The Press Club President reveal that the organisation put pressure on their staff to work more. But when you make an SOP and footages, news is similar to all channels then there is no such problem.
Not only field reporters but cameramen and also editors and sub editors of media house should also be given training so they can consult the reporters and then make headlines similarly the owners of media houses and newspapers should also bring on this issue on tables discuss so we can make media better.Said Shahzada Zulfiqar BOL news bureau Chief.