New forest act & green Balochistan

Published on – February 12, 2019 – 7:00 am

The government of Balochistan has launched spring tree plantation drive across the province where 250 million trees would be planted across Balochistan during next five years.

The government of Balochistan has launched spring tree plantation drive across the province where 250 million trees would be planted across Balochistan during next five years.

In first phase of tree plantation drive 80,000 trees were planted recently across the province and during this spring season total 1.2 million trees would be planted which definitely would put positive impact on our environment.

The CM Balochistan said that incumbent government plans to plant more trees in rest of province to have good rainy season but we have decided to plant species can be grown up in dry areas with need less water.

Talking on Forest Act Balochistan CM Jam Kamal said, the Government of Balochistan has decided to introduce new Forest Act 2019 because the province had act imposed in 1800, as 100 years have passed  but still our forest department can’t set its direction that what to do in this regards.

The towns, villages and rivers all indicate we as a nation are not pro-clean. This is the reason that our ranking, being one of the most vulnerable province to climate change, also suggest that nothing adequate in the past was done for protection of environment despite existence.

it is a matter of satisfaction that a person sitting at the top as CM has the full understanding the issue and devastation that could be brought by further environmental degradation. It is because of this realisation that within few weeks of assuming the office, the Chief Minister has targeted to plant millions of trees in within next five years, which indeed will help offset the impact of global warming over a period of time.

As nation it is also our moral responsibility and duty to support provincial government’s initiative and contribute in it by first of all making our homes and surroundings neat and clean. Islam puts great emphasis on cleanliness as well as environmental protection. We must ensure to become real participant in this crusade against unhygienic and polluted environment and surroundings. They in fact will have to become trendsetter and role model for this great cause by practically involving themselves in plantation and cleanliness.

Tree plantation campaign occasionally launched by the Governments of Balochistan which turned out to be money making projects for the officials of the Forest Department for the past many decades had failed totally. This scheme has being stop because of no proper care.

But the real motivation starts from our homes. We must start the cleanliness drive from our own homes and surroundings. Our zeal and enthusiasm for cleanliness drive is useless, if our own homes and surroundings remain unclean as only a lit candle can provide light other unlit candles. Similarly, people who keep themselves and their surroundings clean, can help other people to achieve cleanliness objectives.

If everyone starts maintaining cleanliness, the entire country would be automatically become clean. In fact previous government had launched solid waste management projects in some cities yet we see our streets and water streams filled with litter only because people have not developed habit of throwing garbage in trash bins.

People can be seen throwing trash out of vehicles while travelling on roads and motorways. This attitude needs strong discouragement and for this to happen local bodies and police should be empowered to penalise those who throw garbage in the open. The fact of matter is that both people and concerned authorities should have to play their respective part to achieve the goals of cleaner and greener Pakistan.

The Provincial Government and particularly the Forest Department should take serious steps for the beautification of Quetta Valley and take serious action against those who are creating mess through garbage which harms the environment in city.
We would suggest that the Chief Minister Jam Kamal himself should head the project to protect the provinces from complete destruction by making the Balochistan green and environmental friendly.