Balochistan Awami Endowment fund a positive step

Published on – February 15, 2019 – 2:35 am

It’s no surprise Incumbent Balochistan government wants to transform the delivery of healthcare to make it more effective for patients and more efficient for the people of Balochistan.

It’s no surprise Incumbent Balochistan government wants to transform the delivery of healthcare to make it more effective for patients and more efficient for the people of Balochistan.

Balochistan government has established Balochistan Awami endowment fund to help out the poor for the treatment of different diseases, so they could get better treatment in good private and government hospitals in different cities.

Balochistan is backward and under developed province of Pakistan where people doesn’t have enough health facilities in remote areas as they were facing hardship and suffering with cancer, Kidney, hepatitis and other sever diseases. It is reported that people in remote areas of Balochistan were suffering with Cancer disease and due to expensive treatment most of the people couldn’t afford the treatment and they largely succumb in Cancer disease.

Recently in a cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal approved the Balochistan Awami endowment fund. In the initial stage Rs 3,700 million has been allocated under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). Currently Rs 3,700 million has been allocated for this fund under PSDP, the PC-I has been prepared and got approved by the PDWP.”

In initial phase, needy patients suffering from seven major chronic diseases will be supported in treatment in the best public and private sector hospital throughout the country.

The social welfare department has been tasked with supervising a merit-based mechanism for funds disbursement.

In Balochistan about 35,000 cancer patients only from Balochistan undergo cancer treatment across the country where treatment and hospitalisation charges are not affordable for poor families. Many patients died due to not able to be pay the heavy amount of hospital expenditures.

In a recent reports, it’s was stated that approximately Rs1.5 million is spent on initial diagnosis of the disease while at least Rs20 million is required for complete treatment.

Due to lack of awareness among the masses, unusual increase in the number of patients has been witnessed. Province now can’t afford to plunge further into a state of bad governance. It is high time the woes and wounds healed through sparing spaces to the visionary leadership with a strong political strategy to rule the Balochistan, instead of using Balochistan just as a milking-cow.

There is shortage of trained and qualified doctors, technicians and skilled work force to man the hospitals in every remote corners of Balochistan.

The Provincial Government should advice the international donors and friendly countries to beef up health services in rest of Balochistan or other than Quetta. However, the services in the existing hospitals should be improved to a level that the patients should not visit Karachi and Punjab who suffering from big disease.

The Balochistan Government should meet the needs of all patients visiting the government hospitals by wiping out corrupt practices, stealing of medicine and above all efficient uses of equipment available in the Hospitals in Quetta.

Balochistan Awami Endowment fund is a good initiative we suggest Balochistan Government should of be completed the project as soon as possible to provide the better health facility and treatment to the patients in Balochistan who is suffering from major diseases .

The Provincial Government signed MoU with different hospitals should bound them to open their hospital’s branches in Gwadar, Quetta and especially in remote areas so the people could easily get treatment in their own province.

The Project fund should not be only use for the selected people or government employees, the People of Balochistan in all over the province get fully benefit from it and needy or poor people should get treatment through this Balochistan Awami endowment Fund.