Farmers’ training essential for promoting of Livestock in Balochistan: DG

Published on – December 13, 2018 – 12:06 am

QUETTA: Director General of Livestock & Dairy Development Department Balochistan Dr. Ghulam Hussain Jaffar on Wednesday said measures needed to be taken to provide training to farmers and shepherds for boosting livestock at district levels in province.

Talking to APP , he said potential measures are being continued to ensure protection of cattle in effected areas of province from drought because 60 to 70 percent of economy is dependant on Livestock.

He said Livestock department’s team are monitoring cattle in respective areas, despite, provision of forages and medicines are also being continued on emergency bases for safety of cattle including camel, goats, and cows in 12 effected district from drought.

A center had been established in each districts of province by Livestock & Dairy Development Department, he said, adding that several cattle had been vaccinated by veterinaries doctors in mobile services free camp.

He said same campaign would be organized in different areas of Balochistan including Dalbandin, Chaghi, Rakhshan, Lasbella and other areas under cooperation with Provincial Management Disaster Authority (PMDA).

He said we are trying to create awareness among farmers and citizens to promote livestock environment, saying that if has given importance livestock could contribute to province’s economy.

Awareness is important for livestock, he said, adding that in this regard, livestock department is going to conduct seminar in Quetta in every year for increasing information among citizens following domestic animals.

Replying to a question, there is many reason of effecting of livestock including lack of forages, drought, non agricultural land, shortage of resources, less of skill farmers and financial issues due to this livestock surroundings are decreasing among farmers, official claimed.