Afghanistan peace vital for prosperous Balochistan

Published on – December 5, 2018 – 7:00 am

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said Monday that he has received a letter from President Trump asking for his government’s help and cooperation in advancing peace talks with the Afghan Taliban insurgents.

The development comes as Washington steps up efforts to hold peace talks with the resurgent Taliban, more than 17 years after the invasion of Afghanistan.

In the letter, Trump said a settlement is “his most important regional priority”, the Pakistani foreign ministry stated.

“Trump acknowledged that the war had cost both USA and Pakistan,” the foreign ministry statement continued.

Pakistan is for peace and stability in the entire region for which it is cooperating with the regional States for decades. Accusing Pakistan of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries is unfortunate and nothing but a deliberate propaganda campaign against this country.

It is the duty of the United States and its leaders to restrain India from further provocations as New Delhi is trying to undermine peace and security in the region. It is involved in act of provocation to trap Pakistan into another armed conflict. Being a disciplined force and highly responsible country, Pakistan Army will not fall into such a trap of war escalation.

Unfortunately, till today, America and its allies are giving priority to the power rather than finding Afghanistan’s peaceful and political solution, which will bring more violence to the region. There is a direct impact on insecurity in Afghanistan, which is why there are millions of refugees present in Balochistan, which are affecting the economic and political conditions in the country.

It had be proved beyond doubt that Afghanistan is fast marching towards a completely failed State and almost it had lost the battles in fight against Taliban and IS terrorists in recent months.

Pakistan hosts millions of Afghan refugees, half of them undocumented, and has been pressing for an early repatriation of the displaced population, their presence “helps Afghan terrorists to melt and morph among them.”

Balochistan, the biggest province of Pakistan, will definitely be a sandwich between Iran and Afghanistan while Pakistan is facing the Indian onslaught on all fronts during the present crisis.

In Balochistan, the presence of Afghans is a hotly debated issue.

They are no supporters of illegal immigrants. The PKMAP is completely isolated on this issue as it lost credibility on the issue of FATA Reforms.

The message should be loud and clear that there is no room for presence of Afghans as economic refugees or at the cost of the local population.

Real, sustainable security in Balochistan, as in the rest of Pakistan, will not develop until Prime Minister Imran Khan, with the support of regional partners, addresses Baloch political and economic grievances directly.

Let us send the illegal immigrants to Afghanistan. It is the only formula for peace in Pakistan, Afghanistan and all the illegal immigrants first and get peace in return. As long as the millions of illegal immigrants are in Pakistan, there will be no peace. Terrorists finding cover under the huge population and they will continue to operate and carry out attacks at will.