Achakzai demand unified Pakhtun province

Published on – December 6, 2018 – 7:00 am

PKMAP Chairman Mr. Mehmood Khan Achakzai, demands Pakhtun Province from Bolan to Chitral, where as both Bolan and Chitral are non-Pakhtuns. He said that his party would continue its struggle for a Pakhtun province from Bolan to Chitral.

” Achakzai said that he is in favour of equal and just rights to all the national groups and nationalities with maximum autonomy to the Federating Units. He said he was not opposed to Pakistan demanding equal and just rights for Sindhis, Balochs, Seraikis and Punjabis along with the Pakhtuns.

There is a strong need to rationalize the provincial boundaries re-demarcating the provinces on linguistic, cultural and ethnic basis in the interest of good governance or harmony among the people of Pakistan.  We had been supporting this demand for greater transparency in governing whole of Pakistan by re-demarcating provincial boundaries and creating Provinces on ethnic, linguistic and culture bases making Pakistan the true Federation of Pakistani nationalities.

Let Pishin, Chaman, Zhob, Loralai and Ziarat are governed from Peshawar and not Quetta. All their funds are diverted and controlled from Peshawar and not Quetta.

The Baloch people had never accepted these territories as the historic part of the Baloch Mainland. First the British colonial rulers made it part of Balochistan for their ulterior designs or for administrative reason. The Baloch consent was never sought in this action. The British decision was arbitrary.

The Balochs historically opposed this involuntary merger of the annexed territories of Afghanistan and demanded its merger with the KPK or the Tribal Areas as one ethnic and linguistic group as most of the Pakhtun people had been demanding. At the same time, the Government should merge Dera Ghazi Khan and its adjoining Baloch areas of Dera Ismail Khan, Jacobabad and Kashmore should be merged with Balochistan making the provincial boundaries rationalized on ethnic, linguistic and cultural basis.

Later on the military dictator General Yahya Khan did the greatest disservice by making the area as part of Balochistan against the will of the Baloch people. In both cases, the decisions were imposed.

There is an urgent need to rationalize the boundaries of the administrative Provinces to give a boost to the idea of a powerful concept of Pakistani nationalism. It is the common belief that national boundaries of Provinces with greater power can make provinces stronger and self confident playing their role in a more effective manner.

Saner elements are suggesting that it should be part of FATA if the merger with KPK is delayed inordinately or by designs. There is no conflict in the interests of Baloch and the Pakhtun and the vested interests failed to create differences between the two national groups.

There is no dispute about the population ratio as the area should immediately be made part of FATA and become an administrative and political agency if the Government is unwilling to create the united Pakhtun Province. The first disservice was done by the British colonial rulers by making the annexed territories as part of Balochistan for administration and security reasons.

The major political parties should take up the issue of rationalizing the provincial boundaries on linguistic, cultural and ethnic basis in the interest of good governance.