Enforced disappearances still continues in Naya Pakistan: Akhtar Mengal
Enforced disappearances still continues in Naya Pakistan: Akhtar Mengal
Zafar Ahmed Khan

KARACHI:  Balochistan National Party (BNP) Chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal has revealed that after Naya Pakistan 235 people including 9 women went missing from Balochistan by Law enforcement agencies. People of Balochistan received 45 dead bodies of their beloved from July 25th to October 30, 2018. As many as 5000 people are still missing from Balochistan.

“Nothing is going to be change in Naya Pakistan as Imran Khan’s new government takeover the country, Member of National Assembly and BNP Chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal said while talking Balochistan Express.” He said that a 70-year-old man was picked up by law enforcement agencies near district Panjgur, Law enforcement agencies also picked up three women from there. Families of missing persons even don’t know whether their father, brothers, husband or son are still or not, hundreds of families spending their lives in trauma, Mengal said.

BNP Chief said “is this a state where we are living? Is the meaning of state only structure where we have a constitutional book? In Pakistan people elect the representative who rules the government in a democratic way but unfortunately, we don’t have this system in the country. The democratic institutions have become weaker in Pakistan, he added.

Akhtar Mengal disclosed that “undemocratic forces are ruling in Pakistan, is this a welfare state as Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced in his speeches. “Today the situation seems to be very sensitive in the country, every government take different decision but not prepared any strong policy to make democratic institutions strong. In Past Islamabad was closed due to sit-ins in Nawaz Sharif government and today Karachi is completely closed due to protests and sit-ins, added Mengal.

Talking about force disappearances in Balochistan, BNP Chief stated that” People are afraid to launch or register FIRs as anybody of their family went missing, if anyone tried to register any FIRs in Police stations, they were received threats from law enforcement agencies. People now avoiding to launch any FIRs if their family member went missing, force disappearances series is still continuing in Balochistan, Sardar Akhtar said.

He added that the people who were raising their voice for the recovery against force disappearances or missing Baloch, they were picked up by intelligence agencies. “The Human Rights activists, nationalists and people who rise force disappearance of Baloch people on social media, on roads or in parliament they were also disappeared by security agencies in Pakistan. The Law enforcement agencies demanding money for the release of missing person from their families’ highlights Mengal.

Sardar Akhtar added that none of the intelligence officials who involved in enforce disappearances was not produced in court in the history of Pakistan. Once Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has ordered to IGFC to appear in court in Missing persons case in Quetta and IG FC appears in court which was a historic moment.

Discussing about the 6-points agenda with PTI Federal government including Missing person’s issue, Mengal said BNP presented a list of missing persons in National Assembly and Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured to resolve this issue soon. “Balochistan National Party has gave one year time to Federal government to fulfill their 6 points agenda, if they fulfill our demands than we will be support government otherwise BNP will take big decision, BNP Chief added.