Uniform system of education

Published on – December 5, 2017 – 7:00 am

The Council of Common Interests had taken a right decision on the education system which should be uniformed and non-discriminatory against the poor and disadvantaged people.

The Council of Common Interests had taken a right decision on the education system which should be uniformed and non-discriminatory against the poor and disadvantaged people.

The education system should be uniform as per decision of the CCI and it should also be with quality education for all the regions and people regardless their status, caste and creed.

It is unfortunate that the Governments in power for the past 70 years could not take such a decision and now the Council of Common Interests took that decision to the disadvantage of Ulema and elite of the society.

A sizeable number of seminaries are being operated on commercial and political basis.

Some of the Ulema owning religious seminaries on personal basis has raised eye brows over the CCI decision and vowed to violate it and continue to operate their seminaries on political basis by blackmailing the Government.

Most of the religious parties are drawing their political strength on the basis of seminaries they are operating since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Thousands of seminaries were established on war footing with funding from USA and the Arab countries and other unknown sources afraid of Soviets push towards south.

The KPK Government provided Rs 300 million to Madrisa Haqqania of Moulvi Samiul Haq in Akora Khattak. Interestingly, largest number of Taliban terrorists belonged to that institution.

More than million children were diverted from the regular schools to the seminaries for political reasons and religious parties are doing politics on that strength and are ultimate beneficiaries.

The elite are also ruling this country on the basis of better and quality education to their children at the cost of entire people of Pakistan and their resources.

The chain of English medium schools is a symbol of power of the Pakistani elite who had monopolized political, administrative and economic powers for the past many decades.

Both the extremes should be dismantled at the earliest defending the just and inalienable rights of the poor and disadvantaged people. A controversial educational institution operated by a Jihadi organization was closed down on pressure from US and others.

Students and teachers of that institution staged a noisy protest outside the Karachi Press Club.

The BBC man on the spot interviewed a score of schoolchildren and what they want to become after completing education. All of them replied that they want to become Mujahid and not a doctor or an engineer. After that report, that factory of Mujahideen was closed down for ever.

Balochistan is backward and poor merely in absence of its poor quality of manpower, lack of means of substances for the people and basic infrastructure in the entire region besides the discriminatory attitude of the rulers in the past. For speedy development.

Balochistan needs quality manpower through best education and training facilities for both boys and girls.

For this, the Government should close down all discriminatory schools and seminaries and covert all of them into better and well equipped schools with uniform and quality education to all without any discrimination.

Better and comprehensive school system is the only solution to backwardness, poverty and underdevelopment.

The Provincial Government should devote all its energies and resources for developing a quality work force with better education and better schooling.

The present discriminatory system of education at the seminaries and English Medium schools for the elite should be changed with a better and uniform system of education where children are imparted modern education without any discrimination.

For this, the Government should do away the MPA funds and divert the resources from personal use of individual MPAs and their political constituents to building residential schools in all parts of Balochistan. Residential schools are the only solution to the ghost schools, both the ghost teachers and students, in Balochistan.

The residential schools should be well equipped with teachers, labs, libraries and other modern facilities making the self sufficient units in remotest part of Balochistan.

Hundreds of such schools will cater the need of the whole of Balochistan changing the facing of this province in a decade or two.