SC reserves verdict in Imran Khan disqualification case

Published on – November 14, 2017 – 5:28 pm

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday has reserved judgment in Imran Khan disqualification case.

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday has reserved judgment in Imran Khan disqualification case.

A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar, resumed hearing of the case today.

CJP Saqib Nisar, during hearing, remarked not to expect verdict of the case to be announced soon as plaintiffs are yet to submit additional written material in the apex court.

Justice Saqib Nisar asked Imran Khan s counsel Naeem Bukhari whether hiding assets in the nomination paper was an act of deliberate lying or a mistake. Upon this, Bukhari replied that it might be a mistake that Imran Khan failed to declare his income.

CJP remarked the court has to decide which side is telling the truth.

Earlier, it was observed by CJP that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairperson Imran Khan declared his London flat but not the offshore company.

He was responding to arguments by Imran s counsel Naeem Bukhari during hearing of disqualification case filed by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz s Hanif Abbasi.

Bukhari informed the three-member bench that Imran declared the London flat in 2000 via an amnesty scheme.

Responding to the chief justice’s observation that the offshore company was still not declared, Bukhari stated that neither his client was the beneficial owner of the company nor its shareholder which is why it was not declared.

During hearing, Hanif Abbasi’s counsel Akram Sheikh argued that Imran Khan has accepted that Niazi Services Offshore company was set up to purchase the London flat and the transactions of the company showed the PTI chairman as actual owner.

Giving counter argument, Bukhari said there was no contradiction in any Imran Khan’s answers provided his client and neither did he take any u-turn.

On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz has termed Imran Khan disqualification case ‘far more serious in terms of legal implications’ than Iqama joke. She took to microblogging website Twitter and said whole nation is waiting to see the decision in his (Imran Khan) case.