Civil society wants Sindh to approve youth policy

Published on – October 15, 2015 – 12:15 am

KARACHI: Political, religious, nationalist’s parties and civil society organizations lamented on long awaited approval of Sindh Youth Policy and said youth are two third of Pakistan’s populations but they are ignored in terms of their personnel and professional development.

KARACHI: Political, religious, nationalist’s parties and civil society organizations lamented on long awaited approval of Sindh Youth Policy and said youth are two third of Pakistan’s populations but they are ignored in terms of their personnel and professional development. They said Sindh Youth Policy was drafted in 2012 and still no progress is made on its enactment. They expressed these views while speaking to at the ‘All Parties Conference’ on Sindh Youth Policy at PC Hotel Karachi, convened by the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP).

Participants of the All Parties Conference expressed that asserted that development of vocational skills, political education, sports, human rights, quality education, adequate and better health opportunities, entrepreneurship skills, improving library culture, enhancing youth role in community services and their social and political role should be clearly focused and addressed in Sindh Youth Policy.

Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarian assured the forum to get the provincial youth policy approved by the end of November 2015.

Mr. Noor Bajeer of Civil Society Support Programme told that CSSP since its inception is working on youth development and empowered. He said that CSSP is assisting provincial government in conducting wide consultation with political, social and academic forums. Enactment of Sindh Youth Policy and proper implementation on it is included in top priorities of CSSP, said Bajeer.

Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians, Muteheda Qaumi Movement, Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf, Jammat Islami, Pakistan Muslim League-Q, JUi-F, JUP-N, Pakistan Awami Tehrik, Sindh Tarqi Pasand Party, Qaumi Awami Tehrik, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Jeay Sindh Porhiat Sangat, Awami Jamhoori Party, Sindh National Party, Sindh United Party, All Pakistan Sikh Council and several Civil Society Organizations attended and presented their critic and suggestions on Sindh Youth Policy.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ajiz Dhamra; Senator and President Peoples Sindh Youth said that PPPP is taking concrete steps to develop youth and they have reserved seats for youth in local bodies which will ensure political growth of youth at grassroots level. He said that after local government elections, PPPP will organize a Youth Councilors’ Convention to train youth in political affairs. He said that Libraries will be established at middle school level whereas playgrounds will be constructed at Union Council level to ensure engagement of youth in healthy activities. He said that PPPP government intends to get Sindh Youth Policy enacted in the end of November this year after conducting consulting with all segments of the society.

Senior MQM Leader and Former Provincial Youth Minister Syed Faisal Sabzwari said that this was honor for him to be political head of the process culminating into the Sindh Youth Policy. He said Sindh Youth Policy was drafted during his tenure and it was radical step of Youth Affairs Department towards safeguarding the interests of youth and meeting their needs in a systemic way. He said establishment of youth development centers in Hyderabad and Nawabshah are remarkable milestones in youth development.

Provincial President Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Haleem Adil Sheikh while speaking the eve, said that youth are our future but they are misled and misused by even political parties. He said that youth must have adequate representation at every forum to ensure accountability and youth empowerment. He said that this asset should be used in wider national interests.

Central Naib Ameer Jamat Islami Assadullah Bhutto said that implementation on policies is more crucial and important rather its formulation. He said policy should focus social, political and economical development of youth in depth as youth could be strengthened and get trained.

Central Vice President Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf Ms. Naz Baloch youth of Sindh should be provided equal opportunities without any discrimination. She said that a youth in rural areas of Sindh deserves same rights and facilities like an urban youth. She said reports reveal that hepatitis is increasing ailment in rural Sindh and youth are more victims of it. She asserted youth should be engaged in healthy activities with having access to adequate health facilities and health rights.

Former Women Development Minister and Member Provincial Assembly Ms. Touqeer Fatima Bhutto seconded the suggestions given by forum and said all suggestions are noted and will be incorporated in Sindh Youth Policy before its enactment. She said that social and political empowerment of youth is top priority of Pakistan People’s Party and they will not avoid their duties. She said Sindh Youth Policy will sooner be enacted and a systematic mechanism will be chalked out to ensure proper implementation of the policy.

Mr. Akmal Waseem of Legal Aid Society shared an idea to incorporate a social role of youth in conflict resolution as youth can be positive mediator so their social and political role should be enhanced at policy level.

While speaking at APC, speakers also asserted for equal rights and share in overseas employment for youth of Sindh. They said playground and libraries can play an important role in youth development so these should be considered in Sindh Youth Policy. They said if youth in rural area are given equal share, they can perform well and prove their capabilities. Speakers while speaking the occasion, suggested restoration of students unions at college and university level as they believed students unions are political right of youth.

Aslam Ghauri of JUP-N, Liaqat Kazmi of PAT, Sunneta Afzal of MQM, Talha Ahmed of MQM, Zulfiqar Halepto of PTI, Dr. Mir Alam Mari of JSQM, Dilshad Bhutto of SNP, Mehboob Abbasi of SUP, Advocate Saddar Panhwar of AJP, Mazhar Rahojo of QAT and Shoukat Sambhal of JSPS also spoke at the occasion.