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Saturday, January 25, 2020 | Today's Paper

Houbara bustard’s hunting

By Iqra Ayaz

December 2, 2019 – 1:39 am

They are shy, rare bird breed, the size of a chicken – and hunting them is officially banned in Pakistan. But it is no holds barred when Arab royals begin their Houbara bustard hunting trips.

Balochistan needs Libraries

By Nazenk Khurshed

December 2, 2019 – 1:31 am

Libraries are the magical places where one explores themselves. Even, worst-off people get a golden chance to bring improvement in themselves when they join libraries. However, it not only promotes education, knowledge and access to the sort of books, but also plays a wholesome role throughout our lives.

The effects of Social Media and Youth in Pakistan

By Sadaf Abid Ali

December 1, 2019 – 2:49 am

World Health Organization Conferred, approximately 1.53 million individuals will die from the suicide in 2019.There are growing indications and evidences that behavior against using social media effects and changes people’s lives, particularly in youth. Social Networking Sites (SNS) are progressively getting the attention of discussion across the world. In this modern era, the internet has grown up to be one of the supreme influential foundations to connect people.

Football: Pakistan U-19 team’s performance in AFC

By Orangzeb Shahmir

December 1, 2019 – 12:26 am

Although Pakistan is below than neighboring countries in football on FIFA ranking but its brimming talent determined to compete top Asian football team as recent show in Asian under 19 football cup held at Oman by AFC was a minor display of attacking football.

Solid waste in Quetta

By Gulrang Kakar

November 30, 2019 – 11:00 pm

One of the consequences of the global urbanization is increasing volumes of solid waste. Unlike other developing countries, Pakistan lacks waste management infrastructure, creating serious environmental problems. Most municipal waste is either burned, dumped or buried on vacant lots, threatening the health and welfare of the general population.