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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 | Today's Paper

The legacy of Siddiq Baluch: extraordinary journalist, inspired teacher and Baloch institution  

By Shahzada Zulfiqar

February 6, 2019 – 3:59 am

It was probably late eighties, and I hadn’t formally joined journalism. I remember one summer evening, when I entered the Press Club (Quetta old building) I saw a clean-shaven person with grey hair was sitting in the hall. I enquired about him and was told he is a senior journalist from Karachi and associated with an esteemed English newspaper daily, Dawn. I was the reader of the daily Dawn. At the time, I was learning English and making news stories. I was impressed by his profile and his skills, which is why I wanted to spend time with him to get some guidelines to improve my skills.

Remembering Siddiq Baloch

By Nafisa Hoodbhoy

February 6, 2019 – 3:55 am

Siddiq Baloch had a personality that made a distinct impression on people who met him. He was a moving force, fiercely proud in the Baloch tradition. His inquiring mind led him to explore independently, never willing to take other people’s account of reality. It also made him a fine journalist in Pakistan’s English language newspaper, Dawn where he sought answers to the nation’s intractable problems.

Remembering the sane voice from Balochistan

By Shezad Baloch

February 5, 2019 – 8:10 pm

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of senior journalist Siddiq Baluch.  An undisputed authority on Balochistan, his voice is deeply missed in the ongoing debate about the province’s political and economic problems. It was my great honor and privilege to work under Baluch’s leadership. His wide-ranging command of the issues was the envy of his fellow journalists, myself included. A colleague of mine, Malik Siraj, once joked that if the the conflict in Balochistan ever came to an end we journalists would fast run out of stories to cover. But such was Siddiq Baluch’s mastery of all things related to the province that he would never run out of material.

Balochistan in Davos

By Ikram Sehgal

February 4, 2019 – 2:43 am

This year’s meeting in Davos has been overshadowed by a not so bright situation worldwide. The growth forecast of the IMF has just been diminished and Chancellor Merkel has just warned that the global financial system is damaged significantly. Climate change and trade wars are other dangerous developments that threaten our global economy. Other than this larger picture, the annual presentation of Pakistan in Davos has this year opened a vista new chapter. In previous years either the Pakistani President or the PM would apprise the assembled Davoselite to what was going on in our country. Sponsored and organised by Pathfinder Group, the PAKISTAN BREAKFAST and other events like the PAKISTAN DINNERS and LUNCHES and the PAKISTAN PAVILION have been joined for the last four of years by the Martin Dow Group because of the vision of their late founding Chairman M. Jawed Akhai.

Pakistan breakfast at Davos

By Ikram Sehgal

January 31, 2019 – 3:31 am

This year’s meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos has been overshadowed by ongoing wars in Syria and Afghanistan as well as a bleak economic situation in many African countries bringing many thousands of refugees to the western world. The looming Brexit and the government shut-down in the US have sent alarm bells ringing for the world economy. The ongoing trade war between the US, China and Europe have not brightened the outlook either. The growth forecast of the IMF has just been diminished and Chancellor Merkel in her speech at the WEF on Wednesday warned that the global financial system has been damaged significantly. Climate change is another dangerous development threatening our global economy.