Undying Affinity: Eternal Love Explored
Undying Affinity: Eternal Love Explored
Ayesha  Rashid

“Undying Affinity,” written by the renowned Pakistani author Sara Naveed, was published on November 20, 2014. This poetic love story delves deeply into the concept of true love, friendship, loyalty, and addiction. The narrative revolves around the love shared between two characters, Zarish Mung War and Ahmay Murad, who face numerous challenges and difficulties.

True love, as portrayed in the book, is a deliberate choice, where loyalty prevails, ultimately leading Zarish and Ahmay to become life partners. However, their love story is not without its tribulations, especially due to the interference of Haroon, who was initially engaged to Zarish. This twist in the tale creates significant turmoil for the two lovers, but in the end, Zarish manages to break off her engagement and marry Ahmay.

The book underscores that love, when built upon trust and unwavering commitment, can be deeply fulfilling and rewarding. It transcends obstacles, enduring through the harshest storms, remaining steadfast in the face of adversity. Love may falter at times, but it never truly dies; it may suffer from neglect, misunderstandings, and mistakes, but its essence remains undying. Natural death is foreign to love; it persists, forever etched in the hearts of those who experience it.

In “Undying Affinity,” Sara Naveed crafts a timeless tale that emphasizes the enduring nature of true love, proving that it is a force that can weather any storm and endure for eternity.