“The Broken Dream: A Tale of Hope, Heroism, and Triumph”
“The Broken Dream: A Tale of Hope, Heroism, and Triumph”
Maheen Lal

This book, authored by Aslam Shah, is best known for his novels. As a Baloch novelist and translator, he has published three books: “Alone in the Dark,” “The Dumped Girl,” and “The Broken Dream.”

“The Broken Dream” is an incredible novel, narrating the story of a brave and optimistic young boy known as “The Bird of Hope.” He possessed the unique ability to interpret dreams and was famous as Basham. Thanks to his interpretations, he saved his motherland and reunited a mother with her beloved son, Qamber, who had been missing for twenty-seven years.
What set Basham apart was that his dreams had the power to shape reality. One day, he met a man who told him about the dominator of the Danks Tower, a structure built in the sixth sky. This dominator possessed immense power and aimed to decimate the entire earth, challenging God. Basham, along with other determined individuals, embarked on a mission to demolish the Dark Tower and thwart the dominator’s plan to rule the earth.
During their struggle, they were joined by a crocodile and a bird of light, both of whom possessed extraordinary powers. Together, they worked hand in hand and ultimately accomplished their mission. The Dark Tower was destroyed, and the dominator met his demise.
In the end, these four heroes descended from the sixth sky and found peace in their motherland. “The Broken Dream” serves as an eye-opening novel that imparts a valuable lesson – to achieve one’s desires, one must put in great effort, maintain unwavering self-belief, set clear goals, and have confidence. Success is not easily attainable; it requires sweat, dedication, and determination. Just like a stormy night, hope may wane, but it never lasts forever; it is the umbrella that appears at each stage to shield us from the rain.